The Crime Prevention Unit within the Georgia Tech Police Department engages everyone in the campus community in order to reduce crime and create a safer environment. We offer a range of free classes to help educate students, faculty, and staff about safety and awareness. Topics include:

  • Crime Prevention 101. Get answers to questions such as, What exactly is suspicious behavior? What can I do to avoid having my stuff stolen?  60 minutes.
  • Crime Prevention for International Students. Interactive discussion about the role of police in America, clarification about driving laws and privileges, and helpful safety concepts for living here in the US as an International Student. 60 minutes.
  • Bicycle Safety. Learn how to stay safe on the road, what traffic laws apply to you, bicycle maintenance tips, and basic riding skills. Co-hosted by PTS. 60 minutes.
  • Personal Safety 101. Tips and strategies to reduce your risk of victimization. 30-120 minutes depending on the request.
  • Self-Defense. Learn physical and non-physical self-defense skills and risk-avoidance techniques. 90 minutes.
  • Civilian Response to Active Shooter (CRASE).  Advanced preparation for what to do in the event you find yourself in an active shooter situation. Commonly referred to as "Run, Hide, Fight," 60 minutes.
  • Stop the Bleed. Become trained and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives. 60 minutes.
  • Alcohol & Drug Awareness. What happens to your body when you use (or misuse) drugs or alcohol, and what steps to take in a medical emergency. 30 minutes.
  • GT1000. First Year Student Seminar on how to successfully transition to Georgia Tech. Note: register for this through the Office of Undergraduate Education.
  • GT2000. Transfer Student Seminar on how to successfully transition to Georgia Tech. Note: register for this through the Office of Undergraduate Education. 
  • LiveSafe Features. We’ll show you all the cool safety features in the free LiveSafe app! Demo and discussion, 20-30 minutes.
  • Open Discussion Forum. Choose a topic! We’ll be happy to talk with your group about your concerns. 
  • *NEW* Micro-Mobility Safety Class.  Focused on safe operations and parking, unsafe user behaviors, reducing conflicts with other street users, and proper usage of shared spaces such as sidewalks, bike paths, and transit routes. 

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Upcoming CRASE Classes

Are you interested in attending a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Class? Join us this month!


  • Wednesday, February 7th, 2024  4pm - 5pm
  • Wednesday, February 21st, 2024  12pm - 1pm

Location: Georgia Tech Police Department 965 Hemphill Ave, Atlanta, GA 30332

Who's Invited?GT Faculty, Staff, Students 

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Have questions? Contact Outreach@Police.Gatech.Edu