In 2019, GTPD moved into its new building and included the construction of a forensics lab, which would not only be used to service the Institute but also assist USG schools and other law enforcement agencies in the metro Atlanta area. Fingerprint development and identification is an important tool in many law enforcement investigations and the Georgia Tech Police Department is equipped to assist in all areas of this field. The lab provides the ability to examine and process numerous types of evidence for fingerprints and the presence of AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) allows the examiner to check the recovered latent prints against the national database maintained by the FBI. 

Specially trained investigators also provide GTPD with the ability to provide expert analysis on a variety of forensic disciplines, including photography, shooting reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis and crime scene reconstruction. 

The forensics division of the Georgia Tech Police Department is equipped to handle a variety of tasks in the assistance of criminal investigations, not only with physical evidence but also digital and cyberinvestigation as well. 

The digital forensics lab is another area of the police department which can assist agencies throughout the state. It can help law enforcement solve cases by providing them with evidence that would not be otherwise available, such as digital evidence being used to identify suspects, track their movements, and recover deleted files. Our department can obtain this type of information through the extraction and analysis of data from various electronic items, such as computers and mobile phones. 

By providing these services to law enforcement agencies throughout the state, the Georgia Tech Police Department remains on the cutting edge of combining the newest areas of science with criminal investigation.