The daily influx of commuters to Georgia Tech's campus is on the rise, and this includes a notable presence of micro-mobility users. These micro-mobility devices, such as bicycles, scooters, electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric skateboards, segways, and various other modes, offer an adaptable and alternative means of transportation, and we have grown to appreciate their convenience.

In the State of Georgia, electric devices are legally classified as vehicles. Individuals operating these devices are required to be knowledgeable about and comply with the rules of the road, which encompass both State Statutes and City Ordinances. It is important to note that these regulations are also in effect and enforced on Georgia Tech's campus. 

It is essential for our campus community to understand that the regulations governing the use of these vehicles on campus are established by the City of Atlanta, not Georgia Tech. Consequently, violations are subject to the same penalties as most traffic tickets. You can access a comprehensive list of City of Atlanta Ordinances pertaining to the operation of dockless mobility devices by clicking HERE.  

GTPD is committed to providing ongoing education for micro-mobility users with a focus on safe operation and parking, addressing unsafe user behaviors, minimizing conflicts with other road users, and ensuring proper usage of shared spaces such as sidewalks, bike paths, and transit routes. Campus organizations interested in a vehicle safety class can request one through our Outreach and Engagement team.

If you are interested in participating in a micro-mobility safety and education class, please complete the following request found HERE.

Fines & Violations

GTPD and other law enforcement agencies are responsible for enforcing riding behavior regulated by the City of Atlanta Code Ordinances.  Generally, stop sign and red-light violations include a fine of up to $1,000 and/or up to six months in jail. 

Other common violations include: 

  • Riding on the sidewalk. [Sec 150-405; (b)] 
  • Not yielding to pedestrians in all cases. [Sec 150-405; (g)] 
  • Riding with more than one person per device. [Sec 150-403; (f)] 
  • Using a wireless telecommunications device while riding. [Sec 150-403; (g)]
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Safe Practices

All campus community members, including faculty and staff, must abide by the law and are subject to citation. Whether you are new to micro mobility or an experienced rider, keep these safety tips in mind.

  • Wear a helmet. 
  • Do not ride distracted. 
  • Do not use your phone or listen to music and make sure you can hear the environment around you. 
  • Watch for Stinger buses pulling away from curbs. 
  • Do not ride with two people on one scooter or bike. 
  • At night, make sure your micro mobility vehicle has a front light and a reflective red light on the back, and wear reflective clothing. 
  • Register your scooter with GTPD so that owners can be contacted if a scooter is blocking access or is stolen and recovered.
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Drivers are responsible for sharing the road with micro mobility users. Only pass a micro mobility user if there is at least 3 feet of clearance. Drivers should regularly check mirrors and blind spots to avoid potential accidents.

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Safely Using Micro Mobility