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Crime Stoppers of Atlanta


Crime Victim Bill of Rights

The Crime Victims Bill of Rights outlines the responsibilities of victims, law enforcement and the judiciary in providing crime victims the rights available incorporated in the context of the criminal justice system. Download The Crime Victim Bill of Rights

Request a Crime Prevention Class

Crime Prevention provides classes to sponsoring departments and student organizations. You can request a class here.

Property & Bicycle Registration

Property Registration and Bicycle Registration enables Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff to register valuable items containing serial numbers with the Georgia Tech Police Department. This allows us to contact you in the event that your property or bicycle is recovered after being lost or stolen. Since this service is only for GT students, faculty, and staff, you must log into the site with your GT account information first.

Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a program that may help the Georgia Tech Police Department return your valuables to you in the event they are lost or stolen.

Open Records Requests

To obtain a copy of a police report or other documentation, the Police Department has established guidelines for processing open records.

Towed Car

If your car has been towed, please visit A TOW's website.