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Crime Stoppers of Atlanta

Special Events Unit

Special Events Unit is responsible for all planning, coordinating, directing, and managing all special events at the Institute requiring police personnel; and to effectively represent safety and security interests in all building and roadway construction projects at the university.

A Sergeant serves as the unit commander for Special Events.

It is policy of the Georgia Tech Police Department that any and all policing or security activities, assignments or functions will either be performed by, at the direction of or with the approval of the GTPD. Departments or organizations are prohibited from independently contracting outside policing or security services without the approval of the GTPD.

If you would like to arrange security services for your event please fill out the Request for Special Event Security Form. If you have any questions please contact Sergeant Hill at 404-385-6186.

Event Schedules

Football Schedule
Men's Basketball Schedule
Women's Basketball Schedule

See Something? Say Something!

If you see something, say something. If you see something that you think should be reported, call the Georgia Tech Police at 404-894-2500.