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Crime Stoppers of Atlanta

Safety Tips

  • Always lock your door, even if you only leave for a minute
  • Do not allow strangers to enter the premises
  • If someone asks to use your phone for emergency purposes, offer to telephone for them instead of allowing them access to your residence and possessions.
  • Do not put your address anywhere that a stranger can gain easy access, such as a key chain or hang tag.
  • On-campus, call 404-894-2500 to report suspicious activity. Immediately give the dispatcher your location and any pertinent information. If possible, stay on the line until help arrives or the dispatcher terminates the call.
  • Use your ATM card during the day. If you must use the machine at night, go to an indoor or otherwise well-lit machine.
  • Avoid working or studying alone in a building at night
  • Avoid using stairs in remote sections of a building
  • Never leave valuables unattended
  • Never prop doors open (especially fire doors)
  • Advise police of any hazards or security problems
  • Walk with a friend at night
  • Park in a well lit areas near other vehicles or in high-traffic areas
  • Keep valuables in your vehicle out of sight
  • When leaving your vehicle, roll your windows up and lock your doors